Wedding Photos

Malibu Wedding Ceremony
Hotel del Coronado in Coronado Wedding
The Grand Del Mar Wedding Reception
Shaun Baker Photography0010
Brick San Diego Wedding-3
Shaun Baker Photography0014
Shaun Baker Wedding Photography 014
San Diego California Temple Wedding0001
Shaun Baker Photography0012
Shaun Baker Wedding Photography 017
Shaun Baker Photography0001
Shaun Baker Photography0011
Shaun Baker Wedding Photography 015
Coronado Wedding Dance
Malibu Destination Wedding
Shaun Baker Photography0002
Shaun Baker Photography0013
San Miguel Mexico Wedding
Shaun Baker Wedding Photography 003
Shaun Baker Photography0003
Twin Oaks Garden Estate Wedding
Shaun Baker Photography0005
San Miguel Mexico Wedding
Hair and Makeup
Scripps Pier Wedding Photography0001
Scripps Pier Wedding Photography0002
Shaun Baker Photography0004
Celebratory Dancing
Brick San Diego Wedding-2
Shaun Baker Wedding Photography 010
Shaun Baker Photography0008
Scripps Pier Wedding Photography0003
San Miguel Mexico Wedding
Shaun Baker Photography0007
Shaun Baker Wedding Photography 007
SDSU Wedding Photography007
Shaun Baker Photography0009
Shaun Baker Wedding Photography 006
Temecula Wedding Photography 032
Shaun Baker Wedding Photography 013
The Grand Del Mar Reception
Shaun Baker Wedding Photography 001
Shaun Baker Wedding Photography 012
Breakers Beach Coronado Wedding 027
The Dance
Shaun Baker Photography0006
San Diego Hilton Mission Bay Wedding 011
SDSU Wedding Photography001
Botanical Gardens NYC Wedding
Martin Johnson House Wedding018
Stacy-Allen 001
Shaun Baker Wedding Photography 002
Indian Wedding Lansdowne
Brooklyn Botanical Gardens Wedding 015
Pala Mesa Resort Wedding
Paradise Gardens Wedding
Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego Wedding33
Bride's Makeup North Park
Hilton Bayfront Wedding Dress
Temecula Wedding Photography 026
Malibu bride's Wedding
Channing & Cody's San Diego Rowing Club Wedding38
Martin Johnson House Wedding034
Sunset Temple North Park Wedding Portrait
Escondido House Wedding
Brooklyn Bridge NYC Wedding
Bride's Dress
HiltonBay Front Wedding Photography in downtown San Diego
Amanda & Jonathan
Malibu Bridal Preparation Party
Shaun Baker Wedding Photography 005
Temecula Wedding Photography 024
Escondido Wedding
Sea of Lights Wedding Photo
San Francisco City Hall Wedding023
LA Athletic Club
Love by the sea.
Taxi NYC Wedding
The Grand Del Mar Wedding
Hilton Bayfront Bridal Party
San Diego Hilton Mission Bay Wedding 024
FallBrook Wedgewood Wedding 057
San Diego Hilton Mission Bay Wedding 067
Embassy Suites Temecula Wedding038
San Francisco City Hall Wedding002
Breakers Beach Coronado Wedding 013
Carlton Oaks Country Club Wedding 004
Stacy-Allen 005
Brooklyn Botanical Gardens Wedding 041
Coronado Wedding Ceremony
SDSU Wedding Photography005
Shaun Baker Wedding Photography 016
Martin Johnson House Wedding052
Breakers Beach Coronado Wedding 003
Coronado Wedding Ceremony
Breakers Beach Coronado Wedding 029
Breakers Beach Coronado Wedding 014
Breakers Beach Coronado Wedding 038
Breakers Beach Coronado Wedding 017
Channing & Cody's San Diego Rowing Club Wedding51
Channing & Cody's San Diego Rowing Club Wedding25
Stacy-Allen 003
Tom Hams Lighthouse wedding San Diego19
Amanda & Jonathan003
Twin Oaks San Marcos Wedding
San Francisco City Hall Wedding039
Admiral Kidd Club Wedding014
Martin Johnson House Wedding059
Temecula Wedding Photography 030
FallBrook Wedgewood Wedding 002
Coronado Wedding Ceremony
The Veil
Shaun Baker Wedding Photography 008
Shaun Baker Wedding Photography 004

Welcome to your Wedding Day

Shaun Baker Photography is there with you every step of the way. Communication and a good timeline are vital for a smooth, stress free wedding day. I encourage you to express concerns and ask questions. There is nothing we cannot handle; our goals are the same as yours. Your wedding day is so important and you should have the coverage to remember it all by. At Shaun Baker Photography, I pride myself in providing coverage from preparation all the way until the conclusion of your reception.It’s all about the moments. There are so many emotions that are taking place all day long. Excitement, anticipation, nervousness and joy just to name a few. They are all begging to be captured. That’s where Shaun Baker Photography comes in. All I ask from you is to enjoy your wedding day.Back at the studio, the post processing begins. Your photos should be fun, beautiful, sharp, clean and vibrant. Every photograph is handled with great attention and care. Your wedding day goes by so fast and I can’t wait to show it to you. Turn around times are typically around 4-8 weeks.Share your beautiful wedding photos with your friends and family via your private online gallery. Your gallery is linked with professional printing labs across the United States to ensure only the finest quality.We live in a digital era. We can do everything through our phones and tablets. Social Media is the quickest way to share anything you want with the world. Your photos are no exception. All photographs are delivered in full resolution digital files.Print: There is nothing like holding your wedding photo in your hands. That’s when it truly comes to life. I have teamed up with the finest wedding album company in the world. Your album is wrapped in the finest Italian leather and printed on real photographic paper. Your images will pop and last a lifetime.