Shaun Baker

wedding photographer San DiegoShaun Baker is one of San Diego’s Premier Wedding Photographers. Shaun grew up studying film and television with the dream of becoming a director. He graduated college with six production certificates and his bachelor’s degree in communications. Shortly after his college graduation, Shaun put the video camera down and picked up a DSLR. He was constantly looking for something to photograph. Something with meaning, a purpose. He shot his first wedding in 2009 and never picked up a video camera again.Shaun lived in NYC for 7 years with his wife Keri and their two dogs. They now reside in San Diego, CA. Shaun is very humble about how he makes his living and is honored everytime he is chosen to photograph a wedding. 
“I love people and I am fascinated by the way we interact. I love the stories that each of us carry around. That’s what makes us and great. I have a need to capture the individual, that raw emotion and give it back in a beautiful way. “When the camera is in my hand, normalcy is the furthest from my mind. It is normal for me to be in a tree, on a rooftop, or laying on the ground during a wedding so I am always in the best position to get the most creative shot possible. I guess I am always striving to exceed expectations.”Shaun Baker